It takes a great team to make Camp No Fear great!

We have many great opportunities for you on the Camp team! We have adults of all ages on Camp in a wide variety of roles from first aid to production and media, cabin leaders to program team. If you have a heart to serve and see lives changed, there is a place for you.

Camp volunteers put our young people first; it’s a big ask (and the requirements are outlined on this page) but every year we find that our volunteers get just as much out of Camp as the campers by putting them first.

What are the different roles?

It might seem daunting to volunteer at Camp, but we have place for almost anybody!

When you register to help out, you’ll be able to nominate the role you think would suit you best – we can’t promise you’ll get to do that, but we will have a conversation if Camp needs you somewhere else.

Every role on Camp is important and needed, and every role contributes to the impact of Camp – whether you spend the day with campers, or spend it editing videos, you are impacting young people.

cabin leaders

Cabin leaders will work in pairs, where they will be assigned a cabin of 10-12 campers of similar ages. You will spend the entirety of camp responsible for these campers, including meal times, activities, and making sure all is quiet at night.


The program team are in charge of all the fun activities on camp.

This will include the running of games, but if that’s not your thing, program team also spend a lot of time behind the scenes setting and packing up. 


Production deal with everything that plugs in. This includes audio, vision, lighting, camera, producing, stage managing and more! If you have any expertise in these areas or it’s something you’re passionate about learning, we would love to hear from you.


Our media team have an important role on camp of capturing and keeping memories – and keeping families up to date during Camp.  We love to provide our campers and families with great photos and videos to keep after camp. We need both skilled and developing photographers, videographers and   editors every Camp.

on stage

If you have a skill in music, either in playing an instrument or singing, there might be a spot for you on the worship team.

We often have other stage roles running activities, being silly or participating in feature segments.

first aid

Our First Aid team make sure we all stay safe and healthy on camp. We’re always looking for people with suitable qualifications for this role – if this might be you, please contact and let us know what qualifications you have.

Whats the time commitment?

We take caring for young people seriously and we want you to have great experience at Camp too, so we don’t let volunteers just turn up on the day. We provide training and all the information you could need so that the expectations are clear and you feel well prepared to be at Camp – whether it’s your first or tenth!

To volunteer at Camp, you’ll need be present for all of the following dates – except the celebration day, but we’d love to see you, spoil you and thank you for your contribution then!

Vision Day

October 27, 2024

Camp starts here for the team! On this day we bond, learn, and grow together as a team, all whilst catching the Vision for the upcoming Camp. We’ll also cover some key content on child safety and you’ll get to know the team that runs Camp too.

Camp Briefing

January 19th, 2025

On this day, you’ll find out what your role is on camp, along with anything you need to know to do that role well! We’ll give you the program for camp, confirm final arrangements and do a refresher on OH&S and child safety requirements.

Camp No Fear

January 23-26

This is it! Get ready for an action packed few days.

You’ll be on a team with someone during camp – whether it’s the other leader of your cabin, or the rest of your team, you won’t have to face it alone!


February 2024
Times TBC

Every year, Camp No Fear is amazing – and it’s our incredible team that makes it happen! This is our time to reflect on what happened at Camp and spoil you as a thank you for your effort.

Volunteering FAQs

We’re sure you still have questions, here’s some answers

Do you need to be a Christian to volunteer at Camp?

Nope! We love sharing camp with everyone! Key requirements are that you’re a team player, willing to serve, ready to have the best weekend ever, and that you have a valid Working With Children’s Check. So feel free to invite your friends to join the team!

What happens if I can’t make it to the compulsory key dates?

These dates are SUPER important , so if you can’t make it to one or all of them, please let us know, and we’ll help you work out your next steps.

Can I choose what role I have on Camp?

We have an amazing leadership team who will make all decisions regarding roles on camp. You can certainly put in your preference, however, we can’t make any promises! Lucky for us, there are NO BAD ROLES on camp!! Ask anyone. They’ll vouch for us.

Do I need to be on Camp the whole time? Or can I visit for a couple of days?

We want our leaders and campers to get the absolute most out of camp and this really begins with a unified and present team which is why we need every leader and camper to be there for the whole four days; plus we don’t want you to miss out on a thing!

Can volunteer at camp if I don’t go to Gateway?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We are so happy to have people from other churches (or no churches) to join us on Camp. In the past, we’ve had people from Queensland, Adelaide and Tasmania join us! Come one! Come all!

I’m In!

Great! If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to contact us – but you’ll find out plenty more of the specifics of Camp at our training and information events. Click below to go to the registration page and sign up to volunteer at Camp No Fear!

Contact us

No matter the question, big or small, we’re here to help.

Camp No Fear is run by Gateway Church Australia