What is Camp No Fear?

The ultimate summer camp; where wild games, empowering night sessions and the greatest people ever add up to the best weekend of your life!

Epic activities

If you’ve been to this year’s location before, don’t worry about being bored! We know that campers visit different sites throughout the year with schools and other groups – so we are super creative with our epic games and use the on-site activities minimally

Make new friends

We group campers by age, gender, school and personal preference to ensure they have a great time. Campers are joined by passionate leaders who work hard to create a great environment for their particular campers

Incredible stage program

We have an incredible team of musicians and technicians who create a stage and media program like you’ve never experienced on a camp

Positive message

Campers hear a great message that is relevant to their lives when they return home. It’s about reminding them that they have value, that Jesus loves them and that they can take control of their lives

Check out the highlights of last Camp No Fear!

What’s a typical Camp No Fear Day?


Every meal at CNF is an event in itself with MC’s who bring fun, games and lame jokes to keep you entertained and help wake you up!


Head into the auditorium for funny videos, massive games, and anything else we dream up that we think will get you in a good mood for the day.


Your cabin works as part of one of four teams to try and be the ultimate team! We smash out stacks of activities every day – the activities at CNF are the biggest and best that we can come up with!

night program

Start with a massive night activity (these go to a whole new level) and then back to the auditorium – an epic opener, dance, the band, our incredible speaker and much more! Then its off to cabins to relax and chat about the day before getting some rest to go again tomorrow!

Who is Camp No Fear for?

Young people

Camp No Fear is open to young people who will be in year 7 through to 12 in 2025.

Additionally, if you finish school in 2024, you may attend for one last year

From all backgrounds

It doesn’t matter if you’re from a church background or not – everyone is welcome at Camp No Fear.

Between the team, the activities, the food and the encoruagement, every young person can get something out of Camp.

Including other churches

Camp No Fear is run by Gateway but every year we have campers attend from other churches and we encourage them to take their excitement and what they have learnt back to their friends at their home church.

Registration Information

Registration is $439* including buses, meals, accommodation, activities, live music, incredible leaders, and heaps of new friends!

Camp 2025 will run from the 23rd to the 26th of January.

We offer payment plans that you can take advantage of – you can set this up during the registration process.

*plus a late registration fee of $40 if registering in January


We believe that no young person should miss out on Camp No Fear because of money, so we have a strong sponsorship program that is supported in a number of ways.

The first step is keeping costs as low as possible in the first place – for the program that we offer, Camp represents great value. Our incredible team are on board with this and pay their own way to volunteer at Camp, which also helps keep costs down – they’re pretty amazing!

The second step is sponsors. We genuinely couldn’t make the claim we do without help from you. If you are in a position to provide a sponsorship donation we would love to hear from you. You can also provide a donation towards sponsorship during the registration process if you are registering for Camp No Fear.

Head to our sponsorship page for more info about giving or receiving sponsorship.

Contact us

No matter the question, big or small, we’re here to help.

Camp No Fear is run by Gateway Church Australia